Pige går på Råbjerg Mile
Råbjerg Mile

Hiking at the Northeast Coast

Eastern North Jutland offers a wealth of wonderful experiences for the discerning hiker. You will find everything from wild nature and beautiful islands to relaxing hikes along the gentle Kattegat coastline.

Hiking at the East Coast of northern Jutland

Explore the beautiful and hilly landscape, Jyske Ås, and enjoy the view from 'Knøsen' the highest point in North Jutland. Or follow the North Sea path along the east coast and feel the serenity as you move through the magnificent landscapes. Once you have reached Grenen, can end your walk with one leg in each of the two seas the North Sea and Kattegat. In the unique nature area, Lille Vildmose, you can spot eagles, red deers and moose, and at the island Læsø you can enjoy the very special island atmosphere.

Thorup Strand
Thorup strand
The Fossil Hunt
Fossiljagt på mors
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Summer holiday in North Jutland
Løkken strand med børn i vandkanten