Keramik fra Toppen af Danmark

Guide to arts and crafts

Photo: Toppen af Danmark

The landscape in North Jutland is a true source of inspiration to artist, the hilly landscape, the forests, lakes, meadows, the seas and the special light. Experience the working craftsmen and artists in North Jutland, and witness the process of ideas and material take shape.

In North Jutland, we have everything within the field of crafts: ceramics, glassware, textiles, jewellery, wood, and much more, many craftsmen have opened their workshops to visitors. North Jutland has attracted many artists, creating a special environment that will capture you. Another place where you can meet craftsmen and their products is at one of the many markets for design and crafts, which you can experience several places in North Jutland. These markets are especially numerous during summer and the months before Christmas. The local tourist offices will be able to help you with information about what is going on art-wise in their region.

Find the creative type of art that suits you

Ceramics in North Jutland

There was a time when ceramics meant dark brown 70's stoneware. This is not the case today. Ceramics are more fashionable today than they have ever been. New pottery shops are opening, selling trendy products, and galleries around the country are exhibiting more and more pottery.

Glass - The oldest artistic product in the world

Since time immemorial, the qualities and properties of glass have fascinated and inspired mankind to produce fantastic artefacts. The tricky process of creating glass takes knowledge and patience, but when mastered the result is fantastic.

Blokhus Candles

Welcome to North Jutland´s largest store for candles, 1,200 sqm. filled with candles handicrafts and above 250 sqm permanent Christmas shop. Come and find inspiration. We always have the latest from lesding Danish and Scandinavian suppliers. Take the family and use a couple of hou...

Find local craftsmen in North Jutland

Photo: VisitNordjylland

Experience craftsmen in North Jutland

Textile and Paper
Craftsmen work with other material than glass, ceramics or a palette. Wool becomes unique clothes and plant fibres to decorative handmade paper. Some works with batik coloured textiles and silk paints, others make animals out of felt.
Amber and jewellery
Amber is still used for jewellery, and many artists are still fascinated by its warm colour. Danish artisans also use gold, silver and gemstones to create captivating and unique jewellery inspired by the elemental nature of Northern Jutland. Different places in North Jutland you can experience amber polishers who form, clean and polish the raw pieces into beautiful shiny pieces of amber, so take care of your findings, maybe you can use it for jewellery.
Clay can be bend, twisted, stretched cut and modelled into almost anything. Experience the clay artist create exciting and beautiful pieces of art. Clay has to be burned at 1260 degrees Celcius when the art piece is done. After this process, the piece can be glazed or cut into anything.