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Golf in North Jutland

No golfer, pro or newbie, will be disappointed by the golf courses in North Jutland. Here you will find beautiful seaside courses by the coasts, hilly courses in-land, and park-like courses in urban areas. In short, there are lots of golfing opportunities in the fresh air of North Jutland.

From north to south and east to west, North Jutland is rich in challenging golf courses.

Gold courses in northern Jutland 

There are many golf courses in North Jutland. It is possible to experience the golden combination of physical activity, mental recharging, and cozy social experiences. The many North Jutland golf courses are located so close to each other that you can easily try several courses in a short time or during your holiday. You can see the list of golf courses in North Jutland here.

It is not just the varied nature that helps to give the North Jutland golf courses a wonderful character. The weather in North Jutland can also give the game an extra dimension. If you have a day with strong winds, a round of golf in northern Jutland can be a test of your golfing skills in windy and sometimes almost Scottish conditions. You need to find your strong golf game and be ready to be challenged.

Your Golf Holiday or Trip to North Jutland

Do you want to combine the best things from a regular summer holiday with a great opportunity to play golf? In northern Jutland, you will find hotels and golf destinations that are suitable for great golf trips. If you want to travel during the summer, all the golf courses are fantastic destinations for golfers. You can also spend a weekend golfing and having a short break.

If you chose to spend a golf holiday in North Jutland you will also be rewarded with amazing culinary experiences. These can help make your golf and holiday experience the complete enjoyment of life. The combination of northern Jutland's unique golf courses, great food experiences, and natural sights gives you a complete and unique holiday. 

HimmerLand Golf
HimmerLand Golf
HimmerLand Golf

Golf courses with greenfee eller pay and play

North Jutland also provides a wealth of opportunities for beginners of this noble game, even though you are not a member of any club. There are individual Pay and Play courses; just as a number of golf clubs have specifically allocated Pay and Play courses facilitating play against the payment of a fee.

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