Gåtur i Rebild bakker
Rebild Bakker

Go orienteering in the woods

The woods around North Jutland give the perfect opportunity to try an orienteering race. Don't worry if you are new to the sport, the nature of North Jutland can accommodate you.

Many orienteering clubs in North Jutland have established permanent orienteering control points around the woods. 

The control points are perfect for all ages whether it is a competition with your friends or a fun family outing where you get guided to the most worth seeing sights in the forests. A map is showing you the way to the control points which are marked with easily recognizable poles. You should compare the whole time your map with the terrain so that you use your senses to find the path.

Orienteering clubs have the nature as playground and often also draw the maps themselves which you can buy in the local tourist offices. A tour with an orienteering map will be an exciting and fun day with a lot of fresh air and exercise for your brain and body. You can find information about which forests have control points and where you can buy maps on the Danish orienteering- association website.