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Geocaching in North Jutland

Photo: Samson Blay

Geocaching is the perfect past time for the entire family. Enjoy the fresh air and explore nature while looking for a hidden treasure. Geocaching can be everything from a relaxing picnic in the woods to an active adventure to see who finds the cache first. 

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is a treasure hunt for the entire family. When you go geocaching, your goal is to find items hidden in nature or an interesting location. You can consider it a type of treasure hunt. The treasures or “caches” has been placed all around the world, and in Denmark, more around 6800 treasures have been hidden. A portion of these has been hidden in Rold Skov and the Rebild-area, which are perfect areas for a treasure hunt.

The caches are often small waterproof boxes, with a pen and a notepad inside, when you find it, you can write how you found it, who took part or anything else fun that happened on the treasure hunt. When done you reseal the cache, maybe you add something to the cache, and then place it where you found it.

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Par ude at vandre på Mors

Photo:Mette Johnsen

What do I need? 

All you need for geocaching is a form of GPS, which could be your phone with a GPS application or a transportable car GPS with a built-in battery. Then you enter the GPS coordinates for the treasure, and the GPS will show you where to go and how far away the treasure it. Then you can start your treasure hunt. Download the Geocaching APP here.


North Jutland is perfect for geocaching, use your smartphone or GPS to locate secret treasures around the region.

How to Geocache?

All you need is your smartphone/GPS and sense of adventure, download the Geocaching APP and get started!

The treasure is typically a small waterproof box, and in the box, you find a pen and paper or notebook. On this paper or in the notebook, you write when the treasure was found and how many participated in the hunt. You could also write the name of all the participants and how difficult you thought it was to find the treasure. Sometimes the treasure is something small present, which you can swab but only if you leave something in return.

Geocaching is fun for both children and adults because it is exciting and challenging for everyone to go on a treasure hunt. It has become so popular that the Danish Nature Agency has even set rules for the location of where you can place a treasure.

Familie hygger sig på stranden

Photo:Mette Johnsen

Make your own cache

If you do not feel like searching for treasures, you can create your own cache and relax while people are searching for your hidden treasure. Find an interesting place, historical, beautiful or whatever you wish. Make sure it is well-hidden so treasure hunters are challenged. 

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