Lækker fisk tilberedt med friske grøntsager

North Jutland

Mand nyder lokalt mad på stranden i Nordjylland

Gastronomy in North Jutland

In North Jutland, the taste experiences are out of this world, sit back and let the chefs take you on a gastronomical journey of the region. Seafood, locally sourced meats and vegetables are almost always part of the menu in North Jutland.

The best gourmet experiences

Photo: Klitrosen Slettestrand

Local taste experiences

Explore the local gastronomy in North Jutland, as it is sure to take your tastebuds on a journey through locally sourced produce and meats. Year-round you will find food festivals, produce markets and cosy farm and fisherman's shops in any corner of North Jutland. Visit the Shellfish festival on Mors, or the Norwegian Lobster Festival on the island of Læsø, or any other amazing food event in North Jutland, there is something for everyone.

Food specialities in North Jutland

North Jutland has lots of specialities based on traditional dishes and recipes. Food traditions in North Jutland have often been passed through the ge...

Go on a beer journey

North Jutland offers some of Denmark's best beer experiences.

Farm Shops in North Jutland

Potatoes and strawberries fresh from the fields, fresh peas, crisp lettuce, baby carrots, fresh-harvested cauliflower – garnished with fresh herbs – s...

Food festivals

The treasury of Northern Jutland contains many quality food products from the sea, inlet, field and sky.  Here you will find lots of local taste you h...

Oyster and Mussel Premiere

Photo: VNJ
In North Jutland, you can live by nature, of the riches of the earth and the sea. We respect the produce and have much love for the people who create delicious ingredients.

Spoil your tastebuds

In North Jutland, you will find world-class restaurants. Be spoiled by the works of amazing chefs, or relax and enjoy lunch by the water. The culinary experiences of North Jutland is waiting for you.

Restaurants in North Jutland

Cafés in North Jutland

Cold temptations

Find the best ice-cream in North Jutland. Your sweet tooth will love you when you visit one of the local dairies and ice cream shops.


The Blue Ice-cream Kiosk

The Blue Ice-cream kiosk (Det Blå Ishus), is quite possibly Tversted's largest attraction. Each year from springtime, people flock to the small ice-cream shop by Tversted beach, for one of the best ice-creams in Denmark.

Aabybro Dairy

The award winning Aabybro Mejeri, founded in 1888, is the oldest dairy in Denmark.

Vaffelhuset in Øster Hurup

Vaffelhuset ... in Øster Hurup  is the oldest ice parlour in town, and has been named the Best Ice Cream Parlour in Nordjylland by Danish radio listeners. Vaffelhuset starts each day by making ice cream after proud Danish and Italian traditions, which means that you can choose from mor...

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