Havnen i Hirtshals oppefra

Fresh fish from North Jutland

Freshly caught fish directly in the local area and sold at the local fishmonger in North Jutland. There are a lot of wonderful local fishing communities that offer local experiences and local fish culture.

The North Sea, Fjords & Kattegat

The sea around North Jutland provides a unique reserve of fantastic delicacies. Fishing is an ancient tradition in North Jutland, which you will experience if you visit some of the many fishing villages along the coastlines. The fishery has had a clear impact on the small local environment around northern Jutland. Every day, tons of fish are brought to the local North Jutlander harbors.

Lystfiskeri fra mole
Fiskerhandler ved Slettestrand
Fiskebåd ved Hanstolm

Experience fresh fish directly from North Jutland's local fishermen and the cutters in the harbors

The fishing industry in North Jutland

Fishing has always been a big part of the northern jutlanders' culture, especially along the coasts in the west, east and by the fjords, you can not avoid experiencing the unique culture. You will encounter fishing cutters on the beach, buzzing harbor life, old fishing villages, good produce, and hidden fishing spots. The coastal towns of North Jutland have a lot to offer with some of Denmark's largest fisheries and with an exciting harbor environment, where you can experience something around the clock. Today's fishing has become much more modernized with new boats and modern fishing methods, but it is still possible to experience the traditional, authentic fishing methods, as on Thorup beach, where the fish are still "landed" on the beach - every day.

Taste the seafood of North Jutland


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