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Food specialities in North Jutland

Photo: Destination Limfjorden

North Jutland has lots of specialties based on traditional dishes and recipes. Food traditions in North Jutland have often been passed through the generations, therefore it is special to the region, and it is that type of food you will find on your travels to North Denmark.

Food of the sea

Mussels, oysters, herring, lobster, and other delicious specialties can be picked up from the seas and fjords that surround North Jutland. Here, nature has always been on the menu, and the whole region abounds with delicious, fresh ingredients. Enjoy the delicious food from the sea when you visit the many good restaurants or get a different experience and a good deal at a fish auction in North Jutland.

In Skagen, you will find the Skagen fish auction where the focus is mainly on lobsters, herring, and day-caught consumer fish in top quality. At the fish auction Nord Hirtshals, the focus is on today's catch from both Danish ports, and Swedish and Norwegian. In Hanstholm you will find Hanstholm fish auction, which is Denmark's largest fish auction. Here you can get it all, and it is also possible to follow "live" on offers and prices.

North Jutland is abundant with taste experiences and specialities, all awaiting your arrival

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Annual food festivals

In North Jutland you will find several great and popular food festivals, which focus on local specialties and ingredients. The chefs experiment with the tasteful goods from North Jutland and discover new ways of preparing the food. Experience the taste and enjoy the atmosphere at the festive food events.

Beer from microbreweries in North Jutland

Beer is popular like never before. In recent years, a number of microbreweries have emerged in Northern Jutland. Breweries that produce specialty beers, where taste and experiences go hand in hand. Therefore, you have the opportunity to go on a real beer trip through North Jutland.

A microbrewery is a brewery that uses artisanal traditions based on the classic brewing tradition. Certain microbreweries are also referred to as hand breweries, ie. breweries where the brewing process is handled manually. In Aalborg, you can also go on a beer trip in the form of the Aalborg Beer Walk. The trip involves tasting several different beers at different pubs and cafes. It is a nice get-together and can be done at your own pace. You can also try a beer tasting on the fjord with the famous Thisted Brewery.

If you have the courage for something other than beer, try a trip to Guldbæk Vingård, a family-run winery that welcomes guests. Or how about tasting one of the award-winning gins from Volsted Distillery, where every single bottle is bottled by hand.

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The Northern Jutland wine experience

The idea of Danish and a North Jutland wine production has previously been considered a bad combination. We can reveal that the North Jutland wines and wineries have become serious. North Jutland wine made from Danish grapes has established itself and has achieved a quality that is worth telling about.
It is a lasting dream for all the North Jutland wineries to establish and create vineyards and wines in high class that places North Jutland and Denmark on the international wine list. With focus on good craftsmanship and uncompromising work with quality, local winemakers pursue the dream of this goal. Various awards from international competitions also indicate that the work is well underway.

Seething salt as in the Middle Ages

On the small island of Læsø in the middle of Kattegat, on North Jutland's east coast, you can explore the seething of salt, something that has been done here since the middle-ages. The seething happens in huge seething pans above an open fire. From the subsoil of the island, salty groundwater is retrieved and concentrated at 80 degrees Celcius above the open fire. This is done until the large salt crystals gather on the surface. Seething salt is a specialty of North Jutland and tastes amazing. The Læsø Saltworks is open all year and entrance is free. By Mariager Fjord you will find Mariager Saltcenter where you can choose between no less than 20 different variations of seething- and herbal salt. Here, you can buy both cooking salt, de-icing salt and interesting seething- and herbal salts.

Læsø saltsyderi


Homemade schnapps and Bjesk

Denmark and North Jutland have a long and rich tradition of making different types of schnapps and Bjesk (aquavit). Especially in North Jutland there are plenty of herbs and plants in nature, that add taste to the small warming drink such as myrica, garden angelica and wild herbs. In North Jutland you can collect the plants in the nature on your own and make your own herbal liquor. Join the Schnapps Route or take a look at the Hirtshals Fish Festival, where the annual bjesk is nominated.

Potatoes from Vildmosen

In the earth beneath Store Vildmose, north of the Limfjord, you will find the perfect conditions for the most amazing Vildmose potatoes with its great taste and the typical and special consistency. The potatoes can be bought in most grocery shops, and at many farm shops in the region, where you can buy freshly dug up potatoes directly from the producer the entire summer.

Dairy in North Jutland

When arriving in North Jutland you have to go by one of the many local dairy shops. Here, you will find a huge selection of heavenly delicacies, cheeses, freshly produced butter, cream and ice cream. Visit Aabybro Dairy, that is especially known for its Ryå ice cream and tasty butter. Or drop by Ingstrup Dairy, one of Denmark's smallest cheese dairies, that produces the famous Ingstrup cheese.


Sweet secrets

Did you ever see how big the "work of art" of such a colorful sweet can be? So many different tastes they have, so many different "works of art" can a sweet be - both in color and design.

You can find Bolcheriet in Løkken and in Skagen and experience how these delights are being produced. They will also introduce you to the art behind the old craft. Right after you have the opportunity to explore their shop and maybe also take some sweets with you home. In Thisted, there is Svanebro located which is producing sweets as in the old days with natural products. Here you can prove your strength by producing your own sweet or you explore their shop where you can find both sweets, applied arts and much more.

If you are more into chocolate then take a look at Chokoladekurven in Thisted which is producing the most delicious chocolate, cream puffs, and much more. If you are in Aalborg, a visit at Aalborg Chokolade is a must. They have amongst others won a price for their cream puffs.

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