Food specialities in North Jutland

North Jutland has lots of specialities based on traditional dishes and recipes. Food traditions in North Jutland have often been passed through the generations, therefore it is special to the region, and it is that type of food you will find on your travels to North Denmark.

Food of the sea

Mussels, crabs, herring, Norwegian lobster and lots of other specialities are pulled out of the seas around North Jutland. Nature has always been part of the menu here and the entire region is abundant in these delicious and fresh ingredients. Are you looking for a good deal, then meet the fishermen at the harbour and buy some of the freshly caught fish. 

In Skagen you will find Skagen Fish Auction, which mainly deals in lobsters and herring. At Strandby Fish Auction and Hirtshals Fish Auction you will find the daily catch from Danish, Swedish and Norwegian harbours. At Hanstholm Fish Auction in Hanstholm, you will find the largest auction in Denmark. 

North Jutland is abundant with taste experiences and specialities, all awaiting your arrival

Anretning af fisk

Annual food festivals

On food festivals around North Jutland, you will find all of these specialities and local ingredients. The chefs experiment with the local goods and discover new ways of consuming the food. North Jutland celebrates the food of nature all year-round, so take a look at for instance Læsøs Norway lobster festival, the day of the harbour on Læsø, the shellfish festival on Mors, the oysters and mussel festival on Mors, Løgstør mussel festival and Hirtshals fish festival.

Beer for the soul

Beer is popular like never before. Microbreweries are everywhere, exciting beer from all over the world can be bought at well-stocked shops and published cookbooks have recipes with beer. These past years lots of microbreweries have emerged in North Jutland. The breweries produce specialty beers where taste and experience are accompanying each other. Go on a beer walk/drive through all of North Jutland.

A microbrewery is a brewery that uses craftsmen traditions based on classic brewing traditions. In Aalborg it is also possible to go on a beer walk, called Aalborg Beer Walk where you are going to try many different beers in different pubs and cafés. It is a cozy get together where you decide the pace.


Aren't you so fond of beer? Then try a trip to Guldbæk Vineyard, a family-run winery just a few inches from Rebild. Or how about tasting the award-winning gins from Volsted Distillery, where each bottle is etched and bottled by hand.

Seething salt 

On the small island of Læsø in the middle of Kattegat, on North Jutland's east coast, you can explore the seething of salt, something that has been done here since the middle-ages. The seething happens in huge seething pans above an open fire. From the subsoil of the island, salty groundwater is retrieved and concentrated at 80 degrees Celcius above the open fire. This is done until the large salt crystals gather on the surface. Seething salt is a speciality of North Jutland and tastes amazing. The Læsø Saltworks is open all year and entry is free. By Mariager Fjord you will find Mariager Saltcenter with loads of spiced seething salts to buy.

Læsø saltsyderi

Homemade schnapps and Bjesk

Denmark and North Jutland have a long and rich tradition of making different types of schnapps and Bjesk (aquavit). Especially in North Jutland, as there are plenty of herbs and plants in nature, perfect for making these beverages. Bjesk is a traditional type of schnapps originating in North Jutland.

Local goods

In the earth beneath Store Vildmose, north of the Limfjord, you will find the perfect conditions for the most amazing Vildmose potatoes. The potatoes can be bought in most grocery shops, and at many of the farm shops in the region.

If you live in or are visiting Skagen, it is a must to visit Butcher Munch. Here you are guaranteed an amazing food experience and plenty of products to choose from. If you want to taste local wine you can find the oldest winery Denmarks, named Glenholm Vingård, a few kilometres outside Løgstør with a fantastic view of the Limfjord.

The niveau in general of our Danish farmers have increased a lot. In North Jutland there are two farmers who are suppliers for Michelinrestaurants - Aurion in Hjørring and Falslevgård Mølle in Mariager.

Dairy in North Jutland

When arriving in North Jutland you have to go by one of the many local dairy shops. Find a huge selection of heavenly delicacies, cheeses, butter, cream and ice cream are a dream to behold at the dairies in North Jutland.


Sweet secrets

Did you ever see how big the "work of art" of such a clourful sweet can be? So many different tastes they have, so many different "works of art" can a sweet be - both in color and design.

You can find Bolcheriet in Løkken and in Skagen and experience how these delights are being produced. They will introduce you also to the art behind the old craft. Right after you have the opportunity to explore their shop and maybe also take some sweets with you home. In Thisted there is Svanebro located which are producing sweets as in the old days with natural products. Here you can prove your strength by producing your own sweet or you explore their shop where you can find both sweets, applied arts and much more.

If you are more into chocolate then take a look at Chokoladekurven in Thisted which is producing the most delicious chocolate, cream puffs and much more. Also if you are missing a hostess gift or you simply love sweets, then Chokoladekurven is ready to delight you.

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