Par spiser på Slettestrand

Food festivals

The treasury of Northern Jutland contains many quality food products from the sea, inlet, field, and sky. Here you will find lots of local tastes, foods, produce, ingredients, and more you have to explore. You can discover it all at one of the many food festivals. 

In North Jutland, you can taste, cook and experience local North Jutland specialties and taste experiences. Visit the annual food festivals, seafood festivals, and gastro events on Mors, Læsø, as well as in Hirtshals and Løgstør. North Jutland offers lots of delicious specialties from both the sea, the fjords, the local fields and forests. Specialties based on traditional local dishes, recipes and solid craftsmanship inherited through generations. The whole taste experience is garnished with North Jutland nature, culture, and beautiful stories!

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