Farm stays in North Jutland

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Farm stay is the closest you will get to experiencing country life. In North Jutland, we have many lovely farms, which are certified for farm stays. You live at or by the farm in an independent building or your own room, and you are free to come and go as you please.

The holiday type "Farm stay" is often offered by farms with active agriculture, which provides you with an opportunity to participate in the farm's different activities. If you want, you can pet a cow, collect eggs, scratch a pig's back or gather hay. Since the farm has an active agriculture, you can't always count on the hosts having the resources to offer meals at the farm. This will appear in the description of the farm if it offers meals or not during your stay.


You can also experience this type of holiday in an organic way, where everything is organic and the served meals are based on organic products - often from the farm itself.

The other option of farm stay, is countryside holiday, where you live in a separate building, whether it is a house or apartment, on the farm containing a bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom. Here there is no opportunity to eat on the farm.

The farm does not necessarily have any agriculture of its own, but if there is you can participate in the activities and walk freely everywhere. Many of the farms offer different activities such as riding trips, fireplace-evenings with cosiness and "snobrød" (baked bread on a stick) or grill-evenings. This type of vacation is ideal if you want to live in the countryside, but also prefer a permanent base where you can explore the nature and attractions of the area.

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Løkken Bondegårdsferie - farm holiday

Welcome at our farm in Skøttrup near Løkken. We offer the possibility for vacation in a farm house, only 2,6 km from Løkken, with a view to Børglum Kloster.

Family Farm FUN PARK - Farm Stays

Get an animal experience beyond the usual with Family Farm Fun Park's many four-legged friends. The park offers not only close contact with the animals but also playgrounds, barbecue facilities and ice cream for the sweet tooth. Gather the whole family for an eventful day at Family Farm Fu...

Farm Holiday - Birthe og Gunner Andersen

Farm holiday experiences for the whole family in Thy.

Herregården Hessel

On Hessel you sense the past. Hessel is the last thatched manor with four wings in Denmark. The first time we hear about the manor is in the year 1391, but the history of it goes further back. In 1702 large parts of Hessel were destroyed by fire, but it was rebuilt again. Hessel has alwa...

Klitgården - Bed and Breakfast

Klitgården - Bed and Breakfast is a cozy farm with peace and quiet, but at the same time a place with room for children of all ages.

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See all the farms

Landbo-turisme publishes a map of Denmark with more than 120 farms which offer farm stays. For organic farms, see more here