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Mor og datter køber grønt i en gårdbutik

Farm Shops in North Jutland

Photo: Niclas Jessen

Potatoes and strawberries fresh from the fields, fresh peas, crisp lettuce, baby carrots, fresh-harvested cauliflower – garnished with fresh herbs – summer food that smells and tastes of North Jutland.

There are several farm shops in Northern Jutland who grow good, fresh produce. Their love of their work and the pleasure they take in presenting a high-quality product has led many farms to sell their produce directly from the fields. Farm shops supply fresh products of the highest quality, and they also allow the purchaser to see where their produce comes from thereby making buying a pleasure.

Take a trip to the country, taste nature's gentle presence and visit the farm shops dotted across Northern Jutland.

Pige har hentet gulerødder til høst

Photo:Niclas Jessen

Order fresh produce online

Food and foodstuffs from Northern Jutland taste fantastic. If you do not want to purchase directly from the fields, or if you do not have the time, do not despair. Even though food and foodstuffs from Northern Jutland are often made in the traditional way, the farmers stay up to date and a number of them sell their goods online. You can purchase boxes containing vegetables, fruit, fish, bread, cheese, wine and lots of other things from Årstiderne, where you can choose how frequently you want your deliveries and what you want in your box. 

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