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Familie leget i skoven
With the Family

In North Jutland

Familie hygger sig i sommerhus

A holiday for the entire family

No matter what you prefer to experience on your family holiday, North Jutland is the place to do it. You and your family have endless possibilities to enjoy yourself and have the best holiday ever! Dip your toes in the fantastic seas surrounding Northern Jutland, explore the dunes with the kids, and have the largest ice cream ever at the local ice cream shops. In Northern Jutland, you are guaranteed holiday memories that last a lifetime.

Here, you'll find some of the most family-friendly attractions in Northern Jutland.

pige på dyregård i Nordjylland

Animal encounters in North Jutland

North Shore Surf Løkken familie
Outdoor activities
Aalborg Zoo Abe
Hirtshals fyr
Shopping I Aalborg
Shopping in North Jutland