Øster Hurup strand heste ridning

The East Coast of North Jutland

To fiskere i Hals

Cosy harbour towns and family-friendly beaches

The coast of the Kattegat Sea will give you plenty of opportunities for a family-friendly holiday. Explore the cosy towns along the coast from Skagen in the north to Øster Hurup in the south.


Experience the magnificent light, the food and the extraordinary nature in the most northern town of Denmark, Skagen. In Skagen you can take a walk through the old town of small yellow houses and follow in the footsteps of the world-renowned Skagen Painters, or feel the sand between your toes in Råbjerg Mile, the largest migrating sand dune in Denmark, just south of Skagen, or at the northernmost point of Denmark, Grenen, where you can experience the meeting of two seas. Further south lies Frederikshavn a historical port town, from here you can take a ferry trip to the island of Læsø where you can experience the nature, the Saltworks and the old houses with seaweed roofs.

Keep traveling south and you will find the coastal towns of Sæby, Hals and Øster Hurup, which all offer fun and activities by the beaches and a cozy atmosphere by the marina. If you are looking for unique experiences in nature then look no further than Lille Vildmose, in which you can spot wild moose roam free.

Attractions for the entire family

The east coast of North Jutland offers many attractions for the entire family.

The best attractions for kids in North Jutland

In North Jutland, you will find attractions for all ages - kids and child-like souls. Try the awesome rides in the themeparks, watch animals up close in their natural habitats, find hidden playgrounds in nature and learn about new things indoors.

Animal experiences

In North Jutland, you can explore animal life up close. Release your curiosity and go discover North Jutland's rich animal life.

Attractions on the East Coast of North Jutland

The east coast of North Jutland is known for is calm Kattegat sea. Here you will find lots of child-friendly beaches and discover beautiful nature, attractions and sights. Here you will find a list of some of the best attractions.

Lille Vildmose centre

The Lille Vildmose Center is located in the center of the natural area of Lille Vildmose , a true paradise for nature lovers. Explore the wild animals, from moose to deers and many different bird species.

Castles and Manor Houses

The amazing castles and manor houses in North Jutland are well worth a visit all-year-round. Explore the historical sights and elegant buildings, with spectacular decorations. These places will take you on a trip through history.

The 10 most popular attractions in North Jutland

Bring your family to North Jutland and go on an adventure in the 10 most popular attractions.

Indoor activities for kids

North Jutland has activities for all year-round. Even when the weather is bad, you will have plenty to do. Jump in one of the many indoor pools and wa...

Outdoor activities for kids

All-year-round you will find lots of exciting outdoor activities for the entire family in nature but also in the cozy towns along the coast. North Jut...

Travel through time in North Jutland

The Iron Age, Viking Age and the Middle Ages are just some of the eras you can experience in North Jutland. Besides this, you will find many traces of...

The nature by the east coast

Have a well-earned break from everyday life in the beautiful nature of North Jutland's east coast.

Beautiful views in North Jutland

In North Jutland you will find magnificent views all over. From amazing vistas along the coast to hill top views above the moors and woodlands.

The nature of North Jutland

In North Jutland, you can go explore nature at whatever pace you desire. Find historical nature or discover the amazing wildlife.

Free experiences in North Jutland

Free experiences in North Jutland

Bicycle routes in North Jutland

North Jutland is the ideal destination for a bicycle holiday. You will find cosy trails for the entire family or more challenging routes for those who spend more time on two wheels.

Rold Forest

The forest, Rold Skov, is the perfect backdrop for a relaxing or active holiday, and on top of this, you can explore one of the many amazing gastronomic and cultural experiences.

Lille Vildmose centre

The Lille Vildmose Center is located in the center of the natural area of Lille Vildmose , a true paradise for nature lovers. Explore the wild animals, from moose to deers and many different bird species.

Grenen in Skagen

For visitors of North Jutland, a visit to  Skagen  and Grenen, the northernmost point of Jutland, is an absolute must. Experience the meeting of two seas in a spectacular location.

Jyske Ås

15,000 years ago, melting ice, rocks, gravel, clay and sand formed what today is know as the Jyske Ås (The Jutlandic Kame). A place created by the ice age and a place full of history and new adventures.

Feel the sand between your toes

Along the east coast of North Jutland, you will find some of the most child-friendly beaches. The area invites you to explore, have fun and let the kids roam free. Here you will find time to relax and spend time with each other.

Beaches on the East Coast

Along the east coast of North Jutland, you will find an abundance of idyllic coastal towns. Here you will find the perfect opportunity for a beach holiday with the entire family.


In North Jutland, you will find amazing beaches no matter where you look. From the wide sand beaches by the ever-changing west coast to the family-friendly beaches by the shallow east coast. Spend a day by the water and enjoy an ice cream with the sand between your toes.

Accommodation in North Jutland
You will find plenty of accommodation opportunities on the east coast, find inspiration for your holiday here.

Cosy towns on the east coast

The East Coast of North Jutland stretches from Skagen in the North to Øster Hurup near Mariager Fjord. All along the coast of the Kattegat Sea, you will find some of Denmark’s most cosy harbour towns.


Frederikshavn is a commercial town with a bustling life. On an annual basis, the town receives approximately 5 million visitors. Whether you arrive by ferry or from the motorway, you will be met by the radiance of the city lights; and there is always a lot going on in the town.


Sæby is the epitome of a Danish market town and the idyllic atmosphere surrounding it. The town has direct access to child-friendly beaches and local shops. Explore the old market town on the east coast, the small streets, the old but well-kept houses, the cobblestone streets and more.


Læsø offers tranquillity, outstanding nature, great food and spectacular experiences. Find your adventure here.


Experience the characteristic yellow houses, the museums with art from famous painters, a bustling city life with lots of luxury and the most spectacular nature you have ever seen, in Skagen. the northernmost point in Denmark, where the two seas collide.

Øster Hurup

In Øster Hurup you will find Denmark's most child-friendly beach, a great town environment and a main street packed with restaurants, cafes and shops.

Hals and Hou

Surrounded by fantastic beaches and large forests you will find Hals - the cosy fishing village by the eastern estuary of the Limfjord.


Ålbæk is a small town in North Jutland, between Frederikshavn and Skagen. A town with experiences for all. Feel the wind in your hair and go explore t...


Asaa is a small fishing village with about, 1300 inhabitants, located on the east coast of North Jutland. The area offers a really nice child-friendly...

Als, Als Odde & Helberskov

Als, Als Odde and Helberskov, is the south east corner of Himmerland and it is a historical oasis and a good base for a family hiliday in peacefull so...