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Cycling holiday in North Jutland

Photo: Niclas Jessen

The nature in North Jutland offers many bicycle routes that take you around the amazing nature. From challenging MTB-trails to cosy routes by the coast, North Jutland has it all.

In North Jutland, you can find bicycle and MTB routes almost everywhere. From the varied nature to the vast coastline, you are sure to find an active nature experience just for you. 

Awesome MTB-trails

Photo: VisitNordjylland

Beautiful bicycle routes

Photo: Niclas Jessen

Escape the bustling city life with a cycling holiday on the island of Mors, go all along the coast of the Limfjord, on the Hærvej(The Ancient Road) or how about a ride along one of the beautiful panoramic routes in North Jutland. If you prefer something a bit more challenging, you will find some of Denmark's best MTB-trails in North Jutland. 

Minivaction on Mors - bicycling

It is almost as if The island of Mors is made for adventures on a bicycle. In its shape Mors resembles Jutland, and legend has it that God in fact use...

Panoramic routes in North Jutland

In North Jutland, you will find the panoramic routes number 10 to 16 on the west coast. The routes are round trips, so you do not need to worry about ...

Mountain bike Slettestrand

Mountain bike Slettestrand is a part of Feriecenter Slettestrand situated only 200 meters from the coast of the North Sea. The local 21 km. track in S...

Bicycle routes in Mariagerfjord

Mariagerfjord is known for its picturesque scenery and the beautiful bay, Mariager Fjord. The flat terrain is the perfect backdrop for a bicycle trip ...

MTB in Rold Forest in Rebild

In Rold Forest, by Skørping you will find an MTB route on 32 km that takes you on a journey of 600 vertical meters. The route is well-marked and you follow it clockwise.

Bicycle Tours in Sæby area

6 different new 1-day cycle tours plotted on the map.  The tours all start in Sæby and the routes use secondary, but generally asphalted, roads.

Bicycle routes in North Jutland

A bicycle ride on one of the national routes in North Jutland is a ride through some of this region's most beautiful districts and past many of the greatest sights and attractions. North Jutland is the perfect destination for a beautiful bicycle holiday.

North Jutland is covered by a web of routes and signed national, regional and local bicycle routes. North Jutland boasts around 10,000kms of bicycle routes in all shapes and sizes, all mapped and you will find signs along the road. The regional routes are marked with the white numbers, 16-99 on a blue signpost. With all the routes in North Jutland, there isn't a corner of the region you cannot visit on two wheels. With local bicycle maps in hand, you will have the best overview of the web of routes, both national and regional.

Find all bicycle routes in North Jutland, here.

Mountain biking in North Jutland

North Jutland offers different types of MTB routes, in forests and on trails around the amazing nature. MTBs and other bikes are generally allowed on tracks and roads in the Danish forests. But to not destroy the forest floor you are NOT allowed to ride outside of these tracks or down unmarked slopes. Show respect to all visitors and residents when riding your MTB in the forests.

Find the MTB-trails here

Photo: VisitNordjylland

The National Bicycle Routes

The backbone of the Danish bicycle routes is the National trails, the trails go all around Denmark. If you follow one of the routes in North Jutland you are in for a trip through some of the most beautiful nature, amazing attractions and spectacular sights. The length of the routes varies from 230 km. to 650 km. Some of the routes you can do over an 8-10 day bicycle holiday in North Jutland, but if you want to go for the 650 km east coast route you are set for a long adventure.

Safe routes

Bicycle holidaying in Denmark is for everyone, with its flat and soft landscape you will never experience a hill larger than 120 meters. Most routes are mainly flat or go over slightly rolling terrain. The routes are well marked and follow roads with little to no traffic, undisturbed forest tracks, bicycle paths or on old paved train track. 80% of the national routes are on paved roads, which makes a bicycle holiday in Denmark extremely child-friendly. 

Bike rental in North Jutland

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