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Far søn cykeltur mors

Cycling holiday in North Jutland

Photo: Mette Johnsen

The nature in North Jutland offers many bicycle routes that take you around amazing nature on a cycling holiday. From challenging MTB-trails to cozy routes by the coast, North Jutland has it all.

North Jutland's varied nature and countless coastlines provide you with great opportunities for active nature experiences on two wheels during a cycling holiday. You can structure your cycling holiday exactly as you wish and there are plenty of opportunities for different types of accommodation and activities during the cycling trip.

Escape the bustling city life with a cycling holiday on the island of Mors, go all along the coast of the Limfjord, on the Hærvej (The Ancient Road) or how about a ride along one of the beautiful panoramic routes in North Jutland. If you prefer something a bit more challenging, then we will suggest you try some of Denmark's most challenging MTB routes. For example, try the route at Slettestrand and Svinkløv, which is in the top of the best cycling routes, or you can test your talent at the MTB routes in Rebild.

Bicycle routes in North Jutland

A bicycle ride on one of the national routes in North Jutland is a ride through some of this region's most beautiful districts and past many of the greatest sights and attractions. North Jutland is the perfect destination for a beautiful cycling holiday.

North Jutland is covered by a web of routes and signed national, regional and local bicycle routes. North Jutland boasts around 10,000kms of bicycle routes in all shapes and sizes, all mapped and you will find signs along the road. The regional routes are marked with the white numbers, 16-99 on a blue signpost. With all the routes in North Jutland, there isn't a corner of the region you cannot visit on two wheels. With local bicycle maps in hand, you will have the best overview of the web of routes, both national and regional.

Find all bicycle routes in North Jutland, here.

The National Bicycle Routes

The national cycle routes go north-south or east-west and connect the different parts of Denmark and the larger cities. If you follow the national cycle routes, you will pass through some of North Jutland's most beautiful areas and past many of our biggest sights and attractions. The length of the national cycle routes varies between 230 and 650 km. The individual national routes are excellent for a cycling holiday of 8-10 days duration. However, you should probably expect to spend a little longer on route 5 (the East Coast route), which is a full 650 km.

Tre ude at på MTB tur

Photo:Hans Ravn

Safe cycling routes

Everyone can have great experiences biking around in North Jutland. You can be exposed to light climbs of up to 120 meters at most. Most routes pass flat to slightly hilly stretches, which are easily cleared on a standard bike. It is safe and secure to cycle on the North Jutland cycle routes. The routes follow small roads with little traffic, undisturbed forest roads, specially constructed cycle paths, cycle paths, and disused railway tracks. The vast majority of the route network is laid out on paved roads, where you can easily and effortlessly cycle with both packers and children, just as a bicycle trailer will not cause big problems on the trip.

Bike rental in North Jutland

Find a list of bike rental services in North Jutland here.

Cycling holiday activities in Nordjylland

Lille vildmose
Lille Vildmose
Nationalpark Thy
National Park Thy
Mariagerfjord - Kongsdal Havn
Attractions by the Limfjord and Mariager Fjord
Par på gåtur i Rold Skov, Rebild
Rold Forest

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