Cosy maritime towns

Along the coast of the Limfjord, you will pass by Løgstør and Nykøbing Mors, these towns offer lots of maritime experiences, from oyster safari to windsurfing. On the east coast, you can visit the cozy marinas and family-friendly beaches. Explore Frederikshavn and visit the cobbled streets of Sæby and Mariager or walk along the coast by Hals and Øster Hurup.

Beautiful cities by Mariager Fjord

By Denmark's most beautiful fjord, you will find one of the most wonderful cities, Mariager. The cobbled streets and half-timbered houses give Mariager a completely unique and idyllic vibe which you should experience being in that area. By the end of the fjord, you will find Hobro, where you will find the magnificent Viking castle Fyrkat.