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Familie laver keramik

Ceramics in North Jutland

Photo: Hans Ravn

There was a time when ceramics meant dark brown 70's stoneware. This is not the case today. Ceramics are more fashionable today than they have ever been. New pottery shops are opening, selling trendy products, and galleries around the country are exhibiting more and more pottery.

Which is why you can dust off your pottery prejudices – the 70's ceramic spirit has been replaced by modern and trendy designs.

Unique pieces are very popular, especially animals, preferably with a humoristic twist, such as royal hens that lay golden eggs. Reliefs with fairy tale themes that appeal to the playful child in each of us are also sought after. Each individual work is a unique object and one which will, as a rule, raise a smile.


Photo:Mette Johnsen

Today's ceramics are about more than the old familiar teapots and mugs in brown and blue. The modern product range is much broader and includes anything from utensils to unique and stylish ceramics and unusual and humorous creations. In short, all tastes are catered for.

Watching a lump of clay transform on the potter's wheel to its elastic twisting shape is a magical experience. As it is when you let your imagination loose on the wet clay and form and create amusing and interesting figures.

Keramik på udstilling hos Torsten Mosumgaard


Clay is an exciting and artistically inspiring material and its potential is manifold. It can be formed into a myriad of shapes, can be twisted, beaten, stretched, cut, modelled and turned and transformed into beautiful mugs, jugs, cups, platters, vases, reliefs and bowls in many shapes and sizes and with many different expressions. After the firing, the process of forming the pottery continues, scraping, scratching, waxing, coating and polishing – adding layer upon layer to give depth, expression and movement. New forms that let the clay live.


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