Det blå ishus Tversted

The Blue Ice-cream Kiosk

The Blue Ice-cream kiosk (Det Blå Ishus), is quite possibly Tversted's largest attraction. Each year from springtime, people flock to the small ice-cream shop by Tversted beach, for one of the best ice-creams in Denmark.

Since 1920 the kiosk has been open and ice-cream has always been the largest attraction. Many natives, old and young reminisce about trips to the kiosk. You may end up in a long line at the shop, but no worries, have a laugh and a talk with other people from around the country and the world, who all flock to this place.


Den Blå Kiosk
Tannisbugtvej 125C, Tversted
9881 Bindslev
Phone: +45 98 93 13 76

Opening hours

The ice-cream kiosk opening hours are varying, but every year from easter to the middle of October you will often find it open from 12-noon till sunset. Be updated on the ice-cream kiosk opening hours and news on their Facebook page

Mor med dreng i vandkanten i Blokhus

About Tversted

Tversted is a cosy village in North Jutland with many small houses, a nice beach and tall dunes. In the city you will find many local craftsmen and shops and of course, the Blue Ice-Cream Kiosk. Driving straight through Tversted, you will find yourself on one of the best and widest beaches on the west coast, it is worth a visit all year.