Fiskerbåde på stranden ved Lønstrup

Black Lobsters from North Jutland

North Jutland black lobster from the west coast and fjords is one of the finest delicacies you can have. The lobster is tasty and the delicate meat is soft and delicious.

The black lobster is quite common in most Danish waters, but not in the Baltic Sea. The lobster lives at a depth of 4-30 meters but seeks out deeper water during the winter. Black lobster is the largest crustacean in Danish waters, and it is together with the Norway lobster, which lives in Kattegat and the North Sea, the only two lobster species we have in Denmark.

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The Danish lobster tastes wonderful and is considered, by some, to be the sea's tournedos, as it has delicious tender meat. In addition, the lobster tastes of sea and sweetness.

The Black lobster from North Jutland

The lobster has a special way of growing as it changes its shells. During the first year of living, it changes its shell up to 6 times, while older lobsters only change their shell once a year. If a lobster loses its claw, a new one grows out again. Limfjord's lobsters are can be caught when it is 6-7 years old. When the lobster is cooked, it changes color from blue-black to red.

The North Jutland lobster can often be experienced and tasted at the local fishmongers, restaurants, or at many of the season's food festivals that are held around North Jutland.

The catch of Black Lobster 

In North Jutland, lobsters are caught with nets or pots. A lobster pot works as a trap where the lobster is caught with bait. It is prohibited to catch lobsters in the Limfjord from 1 July until the end of August as it is intended for the lobster to breed in peace. It is not allowed to fish for lobsters with roe at any time of the year. Lobster fishing is an important resource for commercial and recreational fishermen, and it has also become a popular experience for divers and underwater hunters.

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