Bulbjerg klippe og fuglefjeld med fugle og solnedgang

Bird watching in North Jutland

Photo: Stefan Hornboel

North Jutland has an abundance of bird watching experiences waiting for you. The region offers over two million migratory birds, who each year make a stopover in North Jutland.


In Northern Jutland you will always find birds to watch, the different seasons dictate what type of birds you may find. You will find the largest bird reservation in Northern Europe, Vejlerne and the only bird cliff in Denmark, and much more in North Jutland.  Spot some of the many different bird species from towers located around nature. 

The best bird experiences in North Jutland

Bulbjerg Bird Cliff and Bunker

Bulbjerg is Jutland's only cliff, which is 47 meters above sea level and is also called for "The Shoulder of Jutland". Besides providing an amazing view over the North Sea, the limestone cliff is also the home to many different bird species.

Vejlerne - Han Vejlerne i Han Herred

Vejlerne - Vejlerne in Hanherred a Place of Thoughts When the silhouette of the eagle appears above the Bygholm meadow, thousands of migrating birds are frightened and terrified. Sometimes, it seems as if the eagles fly a round just to enjoy the effect, they have on other birds, the wh...

Agger Tange (headland) in Thy National Park

Agger Tange is a narrow headland, or spit of land.

Ørnereservatet - Eagleworld

Get close to the kings of heaven - the eagles as they unfold just above the head of the audience. Get close to the big animals and see how the falconers demonstrate the birds of prey.

Lille Vildmose – a nature area

Lille Vildmose, with an area of over 7,600 hectares, is Denmark’s largest protected natural area. It’s larger than Fanø in the Wadden Sea. You can investigate the Vildmose area, on the edge of the Kattegat and just south of the Limfjord, on foot and bicycle, and by bus and car. Some of ...

Det Grå Fyr (Lighthouse)

The grey lighthouse, Det Grå Fyr, was built in 1858. The lighthouse, which is 46 m high, is Denmark’s second tallest, the honour for the tallest being taken by Dueodde Fyr on Bornholm, which is one metre taller. The lighthouse was designed by Danish architect N.S. Nebelong. The li...