Vesthimmerlandsk hede

Bicycle routes in Vesthimmerland

Photo: VisitNordjylland

Vesthimmerland is abundant in bicycle friendly nature, with its moors and forests. Get on your bike and experience the beautiful nature up close. Read more about the routes here.

Vilsted Lake

The route starts and ends in Vilsted. The route goes around Vilsted Lake. Near the lake, you will find Ranum and Visskøl Abbey.

Planet trail Aars

The route starts in Aars and ends in Blæse Stationsby.

The Plantation Trail

The route starts in Farsø and ends just outside Farsø. It will take you through Urhøje plantation.

Ertebølle Trail

Lovns Trail

The route starts and ends in Farsø. It takes you through Svingelbjerg, Alstrup, Louns and Hvalpsund.

Vilsted Trail

The route starts in Sebbersund and ends by Rønbjerg Marina. The route takes you through the towns Store Ajstrup, Borup, Vilsted and Ranum. The route offers beautiful heaths and Sebber Abbey.

Lerkenfeld trail