Lodbjerg Fyr i Nationalpark Thy ved solnedgang
Nationalpark Thy

Bicycle routes in Thy

The beautiful landscape in Thy is the perfect backdrop, for a picturesque bicycle ride. The area offers many different types of routes, along small roads, on trails and more, Thy is perfect for a bicycle holiday. 

Agger Tange -Hanstholm

Cykelrute - Agger Tange - Hanstholm

The route starts at Thyborøn, the most southwestern part of North Jutland. It goes along the coast of the North Sea to the north, through the surf paradise of Klitmøller and it ends in Hanstholm.

Bicycle route - Thy

Cykelrute - Thy - På rad og række

The route starts and end by Morup Mill, and takes you through Bedsted Thy, Svankjær and Hedegårde.

Between Giants og Jasmines

Cykelrute - Mellem Jætter og Jasminer

The route starts and ends in Hurup Thy and takes you through Boddum and Sindrup.

Thy - Coast and Art

Cykelrute - Thy - Kyst og Kunst

The route starts and ends in Agger. The route goes through Vestervig, Helligsø, Sinderup and Flarup. 

Thy - The Church route

Cykelrute - Thy - Kirken den er et gammelt hus

Thy - In the Forest

Cykelrute - Thy - I skovens dybe stille ro

The route starts and ends in Svankær. The route takes you through Madsted and Kjallerup and through National Park Thy.

Bicycle route in Thy

Cykelrute i Thy - Det bugter sig i bakkedal

The route starts and ends in the southern part of National Park Thy, Agger.

Bicycle experiences for kids

Cykeloplevelser i børnehøjde

This route is perfect for kids, it is 19km long and is very flat. It starts and ends in Hurup Thy.

Enthralling hills

Cykelrute - Betagende Bjerge

The route starts and ends in Koldby. It takes you through the villages of Skyum, Gudnæs Strand and Hassing.

Hæsum bog - Hornum Lake

Cykelrute - Hæsum Mose - Hornum Sø

The route starts in the city of Thisted and runs south towards Sindrup and Lyngs. 


Bicycle routes in North Jutland

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