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Bicycle routes in North Jutland

Photo: Mette Johnsen

North Jutland is ideal for an exciting cycling holiday or a day trip by bike. You can find beautiful and quite scenic routes, but also routes for the more experienced cyclists who prefer more challenging routes by the beach or in the woods.

Bicycle holiday & bicycle routes

North Jutland offers many experiences for anyone who enjoys spending their holiday on two wheels. From Skagen in the north to Mariager in the south you will find an abundance of trails, roads, and other marked routes for those on bicycles. You will find national, regional, and local bicycle routes all over North Jutland. Some of these are day trips and some are longer and more demanding. You will bike through heaths, hills, forests, beaches, and much more. Visit the cozy towns along the way and enjoy a cup of coffee or an ice-cream in cozy local surroundings.

Panorama bike routes

The Panorama bike routes stretch through some of Denmark's most beautiful nature, you will pass sights and beautiful areas. In North Jutland, the Panorama routes are on the west coast, and the routes are established with start and stop at the same spot, so you can start the route where ever it suits you best.

Dreng og far  cykler i klitterne

Panorama bike routes

Photo: Flying October

The local cycling routes in North Jutland gives you the perfect setting for a fantastic and perfect cycling holiday with both local and natural experiences

The regional cycle routes

North Jutland is full of exciting cities and unique nature. You will find a wide range of cycling routes for both experienced and beginners. Experience the fresh air while cycling through scenic areas and explore the local areas.

The local bike routes

North Jutland has a wealth of fantastic cycling routes. Some of which both locals and tourists do not know of. You can get an overview of some of the beautiful and interesting bike routes that northern Jutland has to offer.

Great cycling holiday areas

A lot of people who do holidays in North Jutland do not know that there is a whole palette of beautiful cycling routes hidden around North Jutland. These are great alternatives to the classical drive-around car holiday. The cycling routes are most often bike paths without a lot of traffic, which lead you through beautiful, green nature areas, parks, and local lakes. The local areas and routes are both a safe solution for the family holiday and a great choice for bike rides with your friends.

Your experiences in North Jutland

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