Udisgt over Mariager Fjord solnedgang siv vand hav

Bicycle routes in Mariagerfjord

Photo: VisitNordjylland

Mariagerfjord is known for its picturesque scenery and the beautiful bay, Mariager Fjord. The flat terrain is the perfect backdrop for a bicycle trip in nature. Read more about the different routes here.

Hobro West

The route starts and ends in Hobro. It takes you through the towns of Hørby, Snæbum and Hvorum. You will pass Hobro Mini Zoo, the World Map at Klejstrup Sø and the Viking Centre Fyrkat.

Hobro South

The route starts and ends in Hobro by Mariager Fjord. It takes you through Hobro town and along the harbour and leaves town, heads toward Gettrup, Fjeldsted, Kalkbjerg and Skjellerup.

Hobro North

The route starts and ends in Hørby. It takes you through the towns of Døstrup, Valsgård and Hobro. Along the way, you will discover Bramslev Hills and Hjerritsdal Mill.