Cykelfamilie Slettestrand

Bicycle routes in Jammerbugten

Photo: Niclas Jessen

Jammerbugten has bicycle routes for all, no matter what difficulty or length you may seek. Read more about the routes here.

Bicycle routes near Blokhus Beach

The route around Blokhus takes you on a scenic trip along the beach and the North Sea.

Through the woods - Blokhus Dune Plantation

A route through the Blokhus dune plantation.


The route takes you along the coast, through Slettestrand, Svinkløv Plantation, Klim Plantation and Hjortdal.

Saltum Beach

A route through Saltum and along the coast of Saltum Beach.


The route takes you through Rødhus and Blokhus.

Tranum Fosdalen

A route through Tranum and Fosdalen.

Attrup - Brovst

A scenic route taking you through Brovst, Skovsgård and Attrup.


The route takes you through Svinkløv Plantation, Kollerup Plantation, Hjortdal and Slettestrand.