Vandet ved Mors

Bicycle routes on the island of Mors

Photo: VisitMors

Explore the largest island in the Limfjord, Mors, on two wheels. Mors has lots of spectacular nature experiences waiting for you. 

The Sun Route (19)

The route takes you all around the island, through the towns and along the coast.

Experience Mors on two wheels

Northern Mors in 3 days

Northern Mors is offers perfect surroundings for your cycling holiday. In this area you will experience “mountain routes” as well as flat stretches, but common for all the routes ist the impressive and varied scenery. You’ll be close to the nature and Northern Mors offers lots of cyclin...

Touring the island of Mors

Mors - "Island beyound the sea" lies amid the beaming Limfjord that measures the whole of Jutland because of its exquisite and varying nature. The island has all the elements that gives your whole family a rewarding holiday in 2 wheels. The 170 kilometres local bicycle route "Solskins r...

The Schnapps Route on two wheels

Let yourself be seduced by “The Snaps Route's” good own recipe and delightful seasoned snaps, with your bicycle as a mean of transportation round along the Limfiord’s beautiful nature. The country of the Limfiord is an ideal territory for cyclist and for everyone who are kin to fresh ai...