Skagen Det Grå Fyr

Bicycle routes in Frederikshavn & Skagen

In the northernmost part of Denmark, there is a wealth of beautiful bicycle routes that you can explore regardless of level and talent. You will find both long and short routes, which lead you along the coast or through the beautiful nature inland.

East Coast, Hals to Hulsig

Cykelrute - Hals til Hulsig

The route starts in Hals on the east coast and follows the coastline north to Hulsig.

Sæby red route

Rød cykelrute Sæby

The route starts and ends in Sæby. The route stretches from Kragelund and Solsbæk. A large part of the route follows Solsbækvej right by the Kattegat Sea.

Sæby Blue route

Cykelrute - Sæby blå rute

The route starts and ends in Sæby. It takes you through Understed, Gærum, trøderup, Stenhøj and Karup.


Skagen, East Red

Cykelrute  - Skagen, Øst rød

The route starts by Skagen Camping. It takes you through dunes and beautiful nature, past the sand-buried church and many more exciting areas.

The green bicycle and hiking route in Frederikshavn

Den grønne cykel og vandretur i Frederikshavn

The route starts and ends just outside Frederikshavn, near Kilden. The route takes you through Åsted, Kvissel, Bratten Stand and Strandby.

East Vendsyssel, Castleroute Red

Cykelrute - Østvendsyssel, Slotsruten rød

The route starts and ends in Dronninglund. It will take you through Agersted, Store Rugtved, Præstbro and Dorf Kirkeby. Along the route you will pass Voergaards Castle.

Bicycle routes

Here you will find more exciting bicycle routes in North Jutland.

Bicycle routes in Brønderslev
Klokkerholm Fisketrappe i Jyske Ås Brønderslev
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Bicycle routes in Thy
Lodbjerg Fyr i Nationalpark Thy ved solnedgang
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Lønstrup by med udsigt til havet
Bicycle routes in Vesthimmerland
Udsigt over Vesthimmerlandske marker og vand
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Regional bicycle routes
Cykelpar på bænk
National bicycle routes
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