Klokkerholm Fisketrappe i Jyske Ås Brønderslev

Bicycle routes in Brønderslev

In Brønderslev there are plenty of opportunities for an active holiday on two wheels. Explore the beautiful nature surrounding the area and the Jyske Ås. On this page, you will find five routes in and around Brønderslev.

Bike and walk ways in Brønderslev

Cykel og gangsti i Jyske Ås

The route stretches from Dronninglund near Brønderslev to Østervrå further north.

East Vendsyssel - Kunstruten Lilla (Art Route, Purple)

Østvendsyssel - Kunstruten

The route starts and stops in Hjallerup, just north of Aalborg.

East Vendsyssel - Kirkeruten Gul (Church Route, Yellow)

Østvendsyssel - Kunstruten gul

The Church Route starts and ends in Dronninglund and you will visit Hjallerup, Ørum, Klokkerholm and many more small cosy towns.

East Vendsyssel - Dronningeruten Grøn (Queen Route, Green)

Østvendsyssel - Dronningeruten Grøn

The Route starts and ends in Asaa and goes through the small towns of Rørholt, Stagsted, Hjallerup, Klokkerholm and more.


East Vendsyssel - Landsbyruten Blå (Village Route, Blue)

Østvendsyssel - Landsbyruten Blå

Going for the long or the shorter route is up to you, but it will take you through Dronninglund, Melholt and Rørholt.

Bicycle routes

Find lots of different bicycle routes in the beautiful and picturesque North Jutland.

Bicycle routes in Brønderslev
Klokkerholm Fisketrappe i Jyske Ås Brønderslev
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