Bicycle routes in Aalborg

Photo: VisitNordjylland

On the bicycle routes in and around Aalborg, you will have plenty of opportunities to see the beautiful nature and the city of Aalborg. If you prefer the city or the nature you are sure to find a route for you.

Aalborg on 2 wheels

On this route, you will experience different neighbourhoods and in the meantime, you will get the opportunity to visit popular attractions and beautiful natural areas.

East Coast Route - Hals - Hadsund

The route starts in Hals and ends in Hadsund. It starts with a short ferry ride to Egense, across the Limfjord. The ride takes you along the coast of Kattegat through the towns of Klatrup and Dokkedal. You will pass the wildlife reserve Lille Vildmose.

Hærvej trail - Hobro - Aalborg

The route starts in Hobro and ends in Aalborg. It takes you along the Old Road (Hærvejen) through the towns of Vebbertrup, Arden, Rebild, Gammels Skørping, Volsted, Mjels, Ferslev, Poulstrup and Visse. On the trail, you will pass lakes, forests and heaths.

Hærvejtrail - Bouet - Skiveren

The route starts in Nørre Uttrup and ends in Skiveren. It takes you through several towns along the way and across a heath.