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The Best Restaurants in North Jutland

Denmark may be famous for its pickled herring and Danish pastry, but North Jutland has much more to offer. Seafood and shellfish play a large part in the gastronomy of the region. Discover the wonderful delicacies of Northern Denmark and return home with a widened gastronomic horizon.

Spoil your tastebuds with mussels from the Limfjord, potatoes from Vildmosen, mushrooms from the forest floor and salt from Læsø. If you want to try a true gastronomic experience, you will find some of North Jutlands best restaurants featured in the White Guide.

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The history behind the White Guide

The White Guide is the leading restaurant guide of the North. Its mission is to gather an overview of the best restaurants in the North. The White Guide started as a rebellion against the Michelin Guide, because the Michelin Guide often overlooked the smaller and local restaurants. The first edition of the White Guide was released in Sweden in 2005, the guide quickly became popular. In 2013 Denmark was featured in the White Guide Denmark. In 2014 the White Guide Nordic was released, and featured 300 of the best restaurants from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Estonia.

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White Guide Restaurants in North Jutland

November 19th 2018 the 5th edition of the White Guide Denmark was released. This time 14 restaurants from North Jutland were featured in the renowned guide, four more than two years before.

With 7 of the restaurants located in Aalborg and 7 in the rest of the region, you are sure to come across one of these on your travels. In the reviews they focus especially on sustainability, originality, renewal, personality and atmosphere - and that is were the restaurants in North Jutland show that they are amongst the best restaurants of the North. Furthermore,  the Restaurant Textur won the price for "The year's taste for the shilling" and Vesterøl on Læsø was named "The year's feel good experience".

Go on a gastronomic journey through North Jutland to the restaurants of the White Guide from 2018.