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Beaches by the North Sea

The West Coast of North Jutland is the perfect destination for a beach holiday - golden-white wide sandy beaches, soft waves and the fresh air all make for the perfect beach holiday.

Along the North Sea, you will find beach experiences for everyone. Take a walk by the waters edge and feel the occasional wave on your feet. Find peace in the sand dunes and enjoy the view of the vast beaches. The west coast is the perfect destination for a combined town and beach holiday. Near the popular towns of Skagen, Løkken and Blokhus you will find plenty of attractions and events for all ages. 

The west coast

The west coast is perfect for a day by the beach, but be sure to respect the forces of nature, as the west coast is not always as calm as the east coast. Waves can be high and the current can be dangerous. Remember always to be aware and cautious. See the white and blue flags on the beaches of North Jutland.

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North Shore Surf Løkken familie

Surfing on the North Sea

The waves and weather by the west coast give the perfect conditions for surfing all along the coastline. Especially between the coastal towns of Agger and Hanstholm. This area is famous and attracts adventurous water enthusiasts from all over the world. The area is known as the surf mecca of Denmark, "Cold Hawaii". Also recognized all over Europe as a great surf spot.

Here is a selection of the most popular beaches on the west coast, but you can find every beach in Thy, Jammerbugten, The Top of Denmark, and Skagen

The official bathing season is from the 1st of June until the 1st of September but can be extended to the 15th of September. Winther bathing has become more and more popular also combined with a visit to the local sauna after your swim.

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