Palmestranden Frederikshavn

Beaches on the East Coast

Along the east coast of North Jutland, you will find an abundance of idyllic coastal towns. Here you will find the perfect opportunity for a beach holiday with the entire family.

Child-friendly beaches

The conditions of the sea of Kattegat differ a lot from those of the North Sea. The west coast can be rough, with high winds and waves, whereas on the east coast you will often find calm seas and shallow waters, perfect for the family vacation. With the shallow waters and tide, you will often find small islands emerging from the water, so you can have your very own private island for a short while. See the overview of the blue and white flags on the beaches in North Jutland.

The east coast is the epitome of child-friendly beaches. The waves are calm and the waters shallow.

Østerhurup familie
Østerhurup badepige

If you like an exotic twist during your vacation, then look no further than Frederikshavn where you can find the only palm beach in Denmark. Each year 100 palm trees from China and the Canary Islands are planted along the beach. Furthermore, there are lifesavers on the beach,  beach volley, and beach football fields.

In Øster Hurup there is a popular child-friendly beach with calm and shallow waters. Great parking and toilets are available in the area.

Sæby is also offering a slightly different beach experience because here you can walk along the two kilometer long seaside promenade. It is also interesting to explore what the sea and waves wash up onto the beaches. You can, for instance, find red conches, razor clams, tower shells and with the right wind from the southeast, you might be lucky enough to find amber.

In the seaside towns along the east coast, it is possible to hire kayaks or SUP boards. A great opportunity for the whole family to have a look at the beach and towns from the seaside and at the same time get some fun exercise.

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