Løkken Strand


Photo: Niclas Jessen

In North Jutland, you will find amazing beaches no matter where you look. From the wide sand beaches by the ever-changing west coast to the family-friendly beaches by the shallow east coast. Spend a day by the water and enjoy an ice cream with the sand between your toes. 

Explore the beaches in North Jutland

On the east coast and around the Limfjord you will find calm waters and beaches perfect to let the kids play freely in the sand. By the west coast, you will find a sea that has it all, from waves perfect for surfing and days where the waters are perfect for family fun. The west coast also offers the amazing wide sandy beaches and sand dunes in which to sit back and relax. Find the perfect beach for your holiday here. 

Beaches by the North Sea

The West Coast of North Jutland is the perfect destination for a beach holiday - golden-white wide sandy beaches, soft waves and the fresh air all make for the perfect beach holiday.

Beaches on the East Coast

Along the east coast of North Jutland, you will find an abundance of idyllic coastal towns. Here you will find the perfect opportunity for a beach holiday with the entire family.

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Activities on the beach

The west coast, east coast and the Limfjord surrounds North Jutland, while in Mariager the fjord carves a beautiful landscape into the Jutlandic peninsula.

Water activities

In North Jutland, you have plenty of options when it comes to activities by or on the water. Go fishing by the lakes, rivers and in the sea, go sailing, try your hand at surfing or rent a kayak and canoe. The opportunities are many.

Surfing in North Jutland

In North Jutland you will find plenty of opportunities to try surfing, whether you are experienced or a beginner.

The White Beach Huts on the West Coast

Experience the beautiful white beach huts by Løkken and Blokhus. Next to the rolling dunes and crashing waves of the North Sea, you will find the White Town, like pearls on a string.

The Blue Ice-cream Kiosk

The Blue Ice-cream kiosk (Det Blå Ishus), is quite possibly Tversted's largest attraction. Each year from springtime, people flock to the small ice-cream shop by Tversted beach, for one of the best ice-creams in Denmark.

Amber - the tears of Gods

In Denmark, there is a saying that 'a dear child has many names'. Searching for “Denmark's Gold” - "The tears of Gods" (and many more names) among the breakers is a unique experience. We are, of course, referring to amber, which is 30–50 million-year-old fir tree resin.

Alternatives to beaches

Though North Jutland has plenty of beaches you also have the opportunity to jump into harbour baths around the region. 

Holiday resorts in Northern Jutland

Sit back, relax and enjoy the time with your family in one of the many holiday resorts in North Jutland. Spend a day at the spa or in the pool, have a fun and active day with the family, or let the kids roam free. The holiday resorts can accommodate almost every wish.

Indoor swimming pools and waterparks

In North Jutland, you are never far away from the water, even if its a rainy day you will find indoor pools and waterparks everywhere.

Vestre Fjordpark

Vestre Fjordpark, re-opened in 2017 and has now transformed into a 165.000 square metre water park and activity centre, which can offer something for ...

Lindholm Beach Park

Lindholm   Strandpark  is an 8 hectare public beach park which allows you to go for a swim in the fjord, go for a walk by the water, or get away fr...

Hou Harbor

Hou Harbor faces the Kattegat straight on. It is a fishing village with a lovely view of the sea. The harbor was built in the 1940s, and a marina was ...

Nibe Fjordbad

Nibe Fjordbad is the perfect place for anyone who enjoys water -all year round. Here you can enjoy a wonderful time with family, friends or a boyfrien...