Go on an adventure in North Jutland

Are you staying near one of North Jutland's many coastal towns where there is no need to search out nature experiences – for they will present themselves to you wherever you are: the dominance of the sea, the many moods of the strong winds, the salty air and the perpetually beckoning light. The ever-visible horizon at the same time represents harshness and beauty. Here the body in movement is prospering from a life without pedometer or treadmill – down woodland paths, between dunes, or a fishing rod or kite string in your hand.

Beach towns in North Jutland

On the east coast, along the sea of Kattegat, you will find bustling coastal towns and many child-friendly beaches. In the surrounding area, there are moor landscapes, hilly countrysides and plantations. Find peace, recharge the batteries and create memories that will last.