Den smukke fjord ved Mors

Bathing options at the fjords


Experience the fjords

The North Jutland fjords offer both relaxation, child-friendly beaches, and great opportunities for water activities. The advantages of swimming in the fjords are that the water is calm, without large waves and strong currents, which occur more often by the North Sea.

The nature around the fjords and along the beaches is rich in different plants and animal life, where you can also be lucky to find fossils in the cliffs.

Both by the Limfjord and Mariager Fjord there are fantastic open-air water basins and harbor pools, which are attractive places on hot summer days. Here are facilities that can be used by the whole family. After a long day in the sun and water, there are plenty of opportunities to visit restaurants and cafés in the areas.

Along the North Jutland fjords, there are great conditions for wind and kite surfing, renting or bringing your own SUP boards, or experiencing the world of canoeing and kayaking with family and friends.

Find your bathing spots in the fjords