Mors fjord

Bathing options at the fjords

Photo: Christian Faber

The fjords in Northern Jutland may be conceived as a nice contrast to the from time to time more vivid sea east and west of the mainland.

The fjords of Northern Jutland offer both relaxation, child-friendly beaches and excellent conditions for water activities as for instance wind- and kitesurfing, SUP, canoeing or kayaking. The nature around the fjords is rich on various plant and animal species, and with some luck you may find fossils in the cliffs. The advantages of bathing in the fjords is that the water is calmer, less deep and without strong current which more often occurs in the North Sea. At both the Limfjord and Mariager Fjord there are cosy lidos and basins that are very attractive places especially on hot summer days and located close to restaurants and cafes.

Find your bathing spots in the fjords