Elg i Lille Vildmose med solnedgangen i baggrunden
Lille Vildmose

Attractions on the East Coast of North Jutland

The east coast of North Jutland is known for is calm Kattegat sea. Here you will find lots of child-friendly beaches and discover beautiful nature, attractions and sights. Here you will find a list of some of the best attractions.

When holidaying on the east coast of North Jutland, you can expect a holiday complete with relaxing in idyllic natural surroundings and adventures at the many attractions the area can offer.

Educational experiences

Culture, history and educational experiences are paramount when it comes to the areas most popular attractions. The historic nature and culture is something special. Find more educational experiences here.

Experience some of the best works of the world-renowned Skagen Painters at Skagens Museum

If you go on a family holiday in North Jutland you can visit one of the many child-friendly museums. Learn about the history of farming on the farming museum in Mosbjerg, which is for all ages who enjoy farm life. Explore the farming equipment from 1900-1950. 

Are you scared or intrigued by ghosts? Voergaard Castle is haunted by the most popular ghosts in Denmark - Do you dare go explore them?

At Lille Vildmosecentret (Small Wild Bog) you will find something for animal and nature lovers alike. Moose, red deer, wild boars, and eagles are some of the areas most popular wild animals, but you are sure to discover more than these. 

Most visited attractions on the east coast