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Art and culture

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Explore the artistic North Jutland

Many artists are working and living in North Jutland, and it has been that way for many years. From the famous Skagen Painters to local craftsmen, North Jutland has always attracted artist. This means that you have many opportunities to experience the art and culture of the region. Besides the art, you will find spectacular architecture in North Jutland. Spend a day relaxing or enjoy a picnic in one of the many parks and outdoor areas.

Glass - The oldest artistic product in the world

Since time immemorial, the qualities and properties of glass have fascinated and inspired mankind to produce fantastic artefacts. The tricky process o...

Ceramics in North Jutland

There was a time when ceramics meant dark brown 70's stoneware. This is not the case today. Ceramics are more fashionable today than they have ever be...

Guide to arts and crafts

The landscape in North Jutland is a true source of inspiration to artist, the hilly landscape, the forests, lakes, meadows, the seas and the special l...

The Skagen Painters of North Jutland

Art inspired by the nature around Skagen, the unique light and the unspoiled simple life, that is what the painters of Skagen in North Jutland were al...

Culture and Architecture

North Jutland is abundant in architectonic gems, the Utzon Center and the House of Music on Aalborg Waterfront are a spectacular sight of modern architecture. Here you can expand your cultural sense and explore the amazing places.

Top 10 architecture in North Jutland

North Jutland has become world-renowned for some of its architecture. In 2018 the Utzon Center on Aalbrog Waterfront celebrated its 10 year anniversary, and Jørn Utzon's 100th anniversery. In relation to this architect Maa Lasse Andersson created a Top 10 of the best architecture.

Theatre Scene in North Jutland

On the theatres of North Jutland, you will find many different dramatic scenes taking place. The optimal mix of tradition and renewal creates memorable moments for even the most picky audience.

The House of Music

With a view of the Limfjord and right by Aalborg's Waterfront you will find the architectural gem and the musical gathering point, The House of Music.

Utzon Center

The impressive Utzon Center is a vibrant cultural center located in Aalborg waterfront. The center was designed by the famous Danish architect Jørn Ut...

Aalborg Teater

Established in 1878 at Jernbanegade, Aalborg Theater has a rich history. The theater holds four different stages from where actors and actresses enter...

Aalborg Tower

Aalborgtårnet is Aalborg’s tallest landmark, allowing you to enjoy a breathtaking view of Aalborg and its surroundings. Take the elevator 55 meters up...

Vendsyssel Teater - theatre

Vendsyssel Theatre, Hjørring One of the country’s most successful regional theatres. A short walk from Hjørring station and pedestrian precinct.

Historic places and museum of natural history in North Jutland

Explore the many historic castles and manor houses, and experience the ancient history and memories of the Viking Age.

Vikings in North Jutland

North Jutland is abundant in ancient monuments and stories from the Viking and Iron Age. Find some of these traces at the circular ramparts Aggersborg and Fyrkat or the burial site of Lindholm Høje. Through the year, North Jutland offers many Viking markets, at the market you can experie...

Travel through time in North Jutland

The Iron Age, Viking Age and the Middle Ages are just some of the eras you can experience in North Jutland. Besides this, you will find many traces of North Jutland during wartime.

Navigation marks by the North Sea

If lighthouses  are the traffic lights, then navigation marks are the road signs of the sea. They were erected to warn sailors of dangerous waters an...

The Bunkers in North Jutland

Vestiges from the 2nd World War are scattered all over North Jutland, on the coast, you will find the bunkers that now stand as reminders of wartime.

Lighthouses in North Jutland

Experience the culture and history up close. Along the coast of North Jutland, you will find some of the most iconic lighthouses in Denmark.

Abbeys and Churches

Visit the abbeys and churches as well as the castles and manor houses which all boast a great history of North Jutland . Around Christmas-time, all...

Art and Culture experiences in North Jutland

You will find numerous galleries and workshops in North Jutland selling ceramics, glass art, candles, amber, paintings and watercolours, antiques, textiles, knitwear and silver and gold jewellery. Furthermore, the many museums combined with the historic sites give you a great insight into the cultural essence of North Jutland.

10 Art Experiences in North Jutland

Release your curiosity and explore the spectacular art of North Jutland. In the museums, you will find inspiration from all kinds of beautiful works of art. Discover international exhibitions at Kunsten Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg or Vendsyssel Museum.

Kunsten - Museum of Modern Art

Kunsten, the Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg, is like a sculpture growing out of the greenery to create a beautiful frame for world-class art. Every y...

Dronninglund Kunstcenter

Unique Art set in beautiful surroundings. Where art, nature and architecture are united in a spectacular setting.

The Sculpture Park in Blokhus

Experience the magical sculptures made from sand, tree and iron in the sculpture park in Blokhus.

Skagen's Museum

Skagen’s Museum is an internationally reputable museum dedicated to the painters of Skagen, the artist colony with painters such as Krøyer, Anna &...