Lystfiskeri i efterår

Angling in North Jutland

Photo: VisitNordjylland

An angling holiday in North Jutland offers you almost all types of fishing. Here you will find sea, fjords, streams and lakes - we have saltwater and freshwater areas, so you will find most Danish fish species within reach.

The opportunities for fishing experiences on the sea are found all along the coast of North Jutland. Almost daily you will find boats leaving the harbour in the early morning hours, and returning hours later with the catch of the day. 

The North Sea has some of the best cod fishing. "The yellow reef"  is the most popular one and can be reached from Hanstholm and Hirtshals from i.a. M/S Mølboen and M/S Heidi. Several providers arrange tours to the reef and you can i.a. experience the great sea-fishing adventure with Atlantic cod, Atlantic wolffish, flatfish, Atlantic mackerel, saithe and much more.

The Day of the Fish

Each year in September, the day of the fish is celebrated across the country. At the North Sea Oceanarium in Hirtshals, the entire family is invited to spend the day with the fish in focus.

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Coast and pier angling

Along the west coast, you will find plenty of opportunities to catch Atlantic cod, sea trout, Atlantic mackerel and flatfish. The East Jutland fjords, bays and coves are good fishing spots as well. If you want to catch sea trout in spring or garfish in the early summer, then take a look at fjord fishing in the Limfjord and Mariager Fjord. 

The beautiful streams in North Jutland offer some of the best sea trout in Denmark which makes them the chosen angling spot for many local and foreign fishermen.

Lake fishing is a varied experience with Northern pike, European perch, zander, brown trout and predatory fish. Especially the lakes Glenstrup Sø and Flade Sø can be highlighted for this experience.

Put & take lakes

In North Jutland, you will find lots of Put & Take lakes with entertaining angling. Here are great facilities, clean waters and healthy fish. The entire family can have fun while fishing in the lakes and it can be challenging for even the most experienced fishermen.

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Thy is a quality marked region in North Jutland, under the Fishing Denmark organisation. Within this, you will find i.a. quality marked overnight stays, tourist offices and tour operators. More and more camping places in North Jutland get quality approved for being especially suitable for fishermen. Here you will find cleaning places, freeze opportunities for the fish and much more.

Here you can find more inspiration for your fishing trip.