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Fiskeri ved Mariagerfjord

Angling at the Limfjord

Photo: Dicht am Fisch

The Limfjord is one of the best and most beautiful places in Denmark to catch sea trout and it offers easy access to the sea and all its riches. You can find lots of practical information about angling in the Limfjord here.

What to catch in the Limfjord?

There is hardly a fishing area in Denmark with as many and great streams for sea trout as there are in the Limfjord. A lot of energy is put into breeding the natural and wild sea trout strains. The Limfjord is completely unique in comparison with other fjords in Denmark. The Limfjord watercourse produces over 500,000 sea trout every single year, but the potential is much greater than what is estimated to be twice as large!

Fanget fisk

Angling spots by the fjords

Photo: Dicht am Fisch

Angling in the Limfjord

The most important eelgrass areas are spawn areas for the garfish of the Limfjord which cavort to thousands across the fjord in May and June. In the western and eastern parts of the fjord, you can catch flatfish. By the estuaries of the fjord into Kattegat and the North Sea, you will find Atlantic cod, flatfish, garfish, European bass, mullet, and Atlantic mackerel, and of course sea trouts. Atlantic herring and European sprat are also common to catch in the fjord. Especially around Mors, you can experience Atlantic herring fishing from the pier and harbor.

Read more about environmental work in the water of the Limfjord and how you can help the sea trouts in the Limfjord at

Fishing license & map

If you are fishing in saltwater you have to purchase a fishing license, which differs from the one you have to get to fish in lakes and streams. 

All anglers between the ages of 18-65 must have a valid fishing license to be allowed to fish in Danish waters. Children and pensioners can fish without the fishing license, the only exception for the licenses are the put&take lakes you will find around the region.

You need to buy the license before you start fishing and the license needs to be valid in the period you are fishing. The fishery inspection periodically takes samples and if your fishing license is not correct you get a fine. The money spent on the license is used to maintain the fish stock. 

You can buy your fishing license at www.

If you open the page with your mobile phone, you will also get an overview if there are protected areas near you or not. Indeed, you have to turn on your GPS for it.

Apart from the fishing license you also have to buy a day license for most of the streams. The day license can be bought at, as well as in local kiosks, camping sites, and tourist offices. A day license costs about 60-150 DKK and a week license 125-350 DKK.

Conservation areas, minimum size limit, and preservation times

Vandløb i Rebild Bakker
Dennis Piilgard

In danish streams, there is total conservation for some species, and for lots of species, you need to know the minimum size limit and months of preservation.

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