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Explore animal species from all over the world at Aalborg Zoo. Be fascinated by the chimpanzees, see the African elephants play outside or discover your personal favourite animal.

Aalborg Zoo - experience the wild animals of the world

On the savannah, the giraffes' munch along with zebras, kudus, and the rare oryx antelopes. The polar bear takes a quick dip, the red panda has just been served fresh bamboo, and suddenly there is a mighty roar from the male lion Aakash, who tells the whole garden that this is his territory. Aalborg Zoo is Aalborg's most popular attraction and a cozy and educational experience for all ages. As the only place in Denmark, the garden's guests can meet the Asian lion, African elephants and Borneo orangutan.

Aalborg Zoo is open 363 days a year, so there is a great opportunity to enjoy the many lovely young animals in the garden and follow their development and behavior. This year, there is special reason to visit the polar bears, which have two playful cubs, and the South American territoria, which for the first time in many years has an adorable tapir cub.

New exotic Butterfly Café

The big news of the year is a Butterfly Café, the first of its kind in Denmark, which opens at Pentecost. Inspired by the world's rainforests, Aalborg Zoo has created a completely new and adventurous experience for guests, who can enjoy an exotic meal in tropical surroundings. In the cave-like café, the sound of a rushing waterfall mingles with croaking frogs and a roaring jaguar. Beautiful butterflies flutter around, and suddenly the sky is torn by lightning, and a roaring thunder makes the animal sounds mute for a moment.

Aalborg Zoo Isbjørn
Aalborg Zoo Flodhest
Aalborg Zoo Rødpanda

Do you love animals?

With a season pass to Aalborg Zoo, you can visit just as often as you see fit. You will also get a discount on other zoos in Denmark, including Jesperhus Holiday Park. With the pass, you can study in the park, go to the playground every day, relax and watch the giraffes on the savannah, go on a picnic, and much more. Experience Zoo By Night for the annual bbq-night or visit the park during the early morning hours, when the animals are just awakening. Did you know, Aalborg Zoo is only closed two days during the year. You can find the opening hours from Aalborg Zoo here.

Feeding of the animals in Aalborg Zoo 

Every single day you can watch as the trainers and animal keepers feed the animals. Explore the program for the day you want to visit, as no feeding times are the same. Entertain the smallest in the pack with learning and excitement at the Zoofari-scene. Here the animal keeps will tell you stories about animal life, and much more.

Aalborg Zoo Pige ved savannen
Aalborg Zoo Løver

Face to face with the giants of the past

In Aalborg Zoo you can experience a dinosaur exhibition beyond the usual. No one has ever seen them alive. The mystery about them is great, and the questions and theories about their origin, life, and extinction are many. This is perhaps the reason why the fighters from the distant past continue to have an almost magical attraction on both children and adults.

In the dinosaur exhibition, after EXTINCTION, guests come into close contact with 20 impressive life-size dinosaurs. The exhibition is a time travel from today's fossil excavations back to the Jurassic and Cretaceous and contains tales of new lush life that emerges, giant herbivores and predatory dinosaurs' relentless battles, and finally devastating destruction.

Back to the ICEAGE

And if you want to see more of the giants of the past, you can visit the exhibition Back to the ICEAGE. An icy wind blows from the edge of the glacier. The flock of mammoths swaying past at dusk, and on the horizon, a billowing northern light can be sensed. It is the ice age in Denmark. And now, more than 15,000 years later, the mammoths have returned.

The animals of the past have been recreated in life and send guests back in time in a sensuous twilight tale of life and death at the ice edge. Here you come face to face with meter-high mammoths, deadly saber cats, and woolly rhinos, which have been joined by other charismatic inhabitants of the ice age, such as cave bears and giant deer.

Both exhibitions are included in the entrance ticket to Aalborg Zoo.


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