Dovendyr i Zoo

Aalborg Zoo

Photo: Aalborg Zoo

Explore animal species from all over the world at Aalborg Zoo. Be fascinated by the chimpanzees, see the African elephants play outside or discover your personal favourite animal.

Experience the magical lights

In 2019 the magical Christmas lights in Aalborg Zoo are going to enchant you. You can experience the enormous light exhibition with more than 100.000 lights during the whole winter. The lights are inviting you from the northern lights in Greenland to the colourful Afrika and you will pass the cottage of Santa Claus and the stable of the reindeer. After you experienced the beautiful light exhibition, you can sit back in the newly built orangery and enjoy some Æbleskiver or a vaffel. The light exhibition is open from the 15th of November until the 30th of December from 4pm so that it is possible to get the whole experience of it.

Aktuelle udstilling i Aalborg Zoo
Lys i træerne i Aalobrg Zoo til jul

In North Jutland, you can explore every corner of the planet, and greet the popular animals of the regions. The kid's favourites, the Asian Sealion and the Sumatra tigers often play in the open for all to witness. Travel through the "Fjord of Greenland" and say 'hello' to the charming ice bear cub twins. In the summer of 2018, four new lions cubs were born in Aalborg Zoo, you can see them wrestle and play around in their enclosure. 

Feeding of the animals in Aalborg Zoo 

Every single day you can watch as the trainers and animal keepers feed the animals. Explore the program for the day you want to visit, as no feeding times are the same. Entertain the smallest in the pack with learning and excitement at the Zoofari-scene. Here the animal keeps will tell you stories about animal life, and much more.

Do you love animals?

With a season pass to Aalborg Zoo you can visit just as often as you see fit. You will also get a discount on other zoo is Denmark, including Jesperhus Holiday Park. With the pass you can study in the park, go to the playground everyday, relax and watch the giraffes on the savannah, go on a picnic and much more. Experience Zoo By Night for the annual bbq-night or visit the park during the early morning hours, when the animals are just awakening. Did you know, Aalborg Zoo is only closed two days during the year. You can find the opening hours from Aalborg Zoo here.