to piger udklædt som indianer til Aalborg Karneval

Aalborg Carnival

At the end of May each year, the streets of Aalborg are transformed into something magical, Aalborg Carnival. Musical parades, extravagant costumes, and lots of activities all make for an extraordinary experience for kids and grown-ups alike. 

Aalborg Carnival is the largest of its type in Northern Europe, with around 60,000 participants and 100,000 onlookers. Throughout the week, visitors from near and far rejoice in the festivities, and the city oozes of life. Each year a topic will be chosen - which is in 2020 'When I grow up..' and a carnival king will be nominated.

Udklædte til Aalborg Karneval spiller på trommer
Kvinde klædt ud som løve

The Celebration of the Year

During the week of Carnival, the streets of Aalborg are crowded with people enjoying the many activities. The International Parade starts off the week with a colourful show with parade groups from all over the world. The Kids Carnival is the possibility for all kids to dress up and enjoy activities, competitions and a parade just for the kids.

To piger klædt ud til børnekarneval
En masse festende gæster til Aalborg Karneval

The Carnival Race takes place by Aalborg Waterfront. Kids and grown-ups race in their costumes while onlookers can enjoy the music and explore the small stands selling all different types of goods. 

The entire week culminates in the extremely popular Star Parade, with 60,000 attendees dressed in all types of costumes walk the streets of Aalborg, it all climaxes in a huge party in the centre of Aalborg, with major artist entertaining all night. The Star parade is free for all, but the party in Kildeparken will cost an entrance fee, you can purchase this in advance online.

Camp Carnival

A new concept is Camp Carnival which offers the opportunity to sleep near all the action. Buying access to Camp Carnival you will live only a few walking minutes away from the carnival and you will have the opportunity to complete the carnival experience.