Vorupør Beach & Pier

Great opportunities for angling along the beach and on the pier.

Vorupør is the largest and liveliest of the resort beaches in Thy. The beach is visited by thousands of people each summer. It is also the landing place for fishing boats. Here, you can still see how the boats are pulled up onto the beach with a hydraulic winch, just like in the old days of fishing.

During the school summer holidays, a Lifeguard is present on the beach.

A special pathway makes it possible for people with walking difficulties to get right down onto the beach.

The pier is a great place to get close to the waves, and experience the SPLASH! Also, it's a good spot for fishing.

In the summer, the pier is packed with anglers. It is especially mackerel, which lures them. it is best for fishing during the early mornings or late evening. There is also a chance for bass and flatfish. Very fine fishing for dab from the middle of August and into the autumn. In winter it's good for cod.

A few hundred yards south of the pier, and  approximately 75-100 meters out, is a varied bed, where in late summer you can catch nice flounder.

There is parking near the pier.