VisitAalborg is the organisation behind tourism in Aalborg and we play an active role in boosting tourism in and around the city of Aalborg. VisitAalborg promotes Aalborg nationally as well as internationally including resources from local businesses, institutions and other parties with relations

VisitAalborg’s administration is placed on the 13th floor in Nordkraft and the tourist information is placed on the ground floor.

See the contact information to the right. Besides the office in Aalborg, there are also tourist information centres in:

• InfoCenter Aalborg, tlf.: +45 99 31 75 10,
• InfoCenter Nibe, tel.+45 9931 7500,
• InfoCenter Lille Vildmose, tel. +45 9931 7560, 

For more information about the tourist informations in the area – see our homepage…