Vesterled Lejrskole

Camp school in southern Thy.

With its location in Thy, Vesterledlejren the ideal base for group stays of almost any kind: family celebrations, sports camps for athletes, courses for school classes or stays for various interest groups.

Nature is the most important element in Thy and therefore a major attraction in itself: the many plantations in the dunes, the nature reserve in Hanstholm and bird sanctuary "shallows" - are just some of the elements that make Thy a beautiful experience.

On a sunny summer day, it is of course primarily the North Sea, which draws, but in early and late season, or for that matter on an overcast day, the North Sea is also worth a visit.

All the locals have their own little corner of the area, they especially like to show  for their guests. However, there is one thing that most citizens in Thy treasured the most: to get out to sea and be blown through, well and truely. As a contrast to the harsh nature of the North Sea are forests, lakes and the gentle Limfjord, which throughout the year is worth a visit.

Vesterled Lejrskole
Ydbyvej 49 Gettrup
7760 Hurup