Urskoven (The Primeval Forest)

Urskoven (The Primeval Forest)
in Rold Skov (the Rold forest)  is about the same age as Troldeskoven. It consists of old beeches, the oldest trees are around 300 years.

Unlike Troldeskoven you will not find many multi-trunked beeches here. The reason may lie in the original property. Troldeskoven was fellow forest for farmers in Rebild and was as such pollarded, grazed and exploited to the utmost.

Urskoven is today untdisturbed forest. In undisturbed forest, no trees are felled or replanted. If a tree dies or falls, it is left to lie. In the glade grow new trees, so finally there will be a tangle of tree species in the forest in many sizes and ages.

The name was given to the forest of the renowned forester Jens Hvass that requires a " primeval forest " exercise to Scouting.