THRILLS - Creatures in the Dark - Exhibition at Dorf Møllegård

Are you afraid of the dark? When the sun goes down, darkness sneaks in.

THRILLS - Creatures in the dark takes you back in time to when artificial light was a scarce resource in the countryside. When the sun sat, darkness was ubiquitous! In that way, the day's work found its natural end, and the family gathered in the living room around the long table and told stories about all the mysteries hidden in the dark. Around the farmer's table, myths, legends and ghost stories formed.

THRILLS - Creatures in the dark is an exhibition experience in the dark. With a torch in hand, you will experience the mysterious creatures of the legends. In the dark, the åmand ("river man") lurks, and he demands his annual human sacrifice. The Elle people parties in the burial mound and hypnotizes curious souls. The headless hell horse limps around on three legs, while white ladies and criminals wander restlessly around in the night.

Welcome into the darkness. Welcome inside this year's special exhibition at Dorf Møllegård.