St. Binderup Kro - kopi

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Møllegårdsvej 7, St. Binderup

9600 Aars


Phone:+459865 8333

fax:9865 8350

The history of St. Binderup Kro can be dated back to the year 1617, and it received Royal privileges from King Frederik V in 1749.

After a gentle but thorough restoration and extension, the inn has become one of Denmark’s most modern inns with a spirit of its own.

The inn is equipped with a restaurant full of atmosphere and the restaurant offers a solid morning buffet, traditional Danish courses, and gourmet menu. On the menu, you will find a traditional stew as well as a tender beef with softly fried onions.

Right outside the inn you will find a patio and a wonderful spacious garden.

- Restaurant

-  Wi-Fi




Møllegårdsvej 7, St. Binderup

9600 Aars



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