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Rent a backpack with hammocks, bring a sleeping bag and bonfire equipment - and get an unforgettable and alternative holiday experience in the beautiful nature around Mariager Fjord.

The backpacks with hammocks can be rented at the Tourist Information Offices in Mariagerfjord.

In all public forests it is allowed to sleep on the ground, in a sleeping bag or in a hammock. It is important not to damage treas and plants. Any use of open fire is ONLY allowed at bonfire sites, and it is NOT allowed to sleet in tents, caravans etc. - If You want to sleep in a tent, We recommend the many nature camps in Mariagerfjord, with both shelters and tent sites.

The hammocks must be placed out of sigt from businesses and houses - e.g. neighbors to the forest, camping sites and roads.

Shelters and tent sites...

In Mariagerfjord there are also several naturecamps with both shelters and tent sites - Some of theese have access to drinking water and toilet / compost toilet etc. Some of theese nature camps are free to use, but at some of them a symbolic fee must be payed for maintnance of the camp and its facilities - Always check info signs at the nature camp.

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Price for rental:
1 day: DKK 25,-

1 week: DKK 150,-

Deposit: DKK 100,-


Torvet 1

9550 Mariager

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