Skagen Rådhus (Town Hall)

Photo: Turisthus Nord
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Skagen City Hall was built in the period 1966-1968 according to drawings by architect Ejnar Borg.

Sct. Laurentii Vej 87

9990 Skagen

Ejnar Borg already won the competition for a new town hall in Skagen in 1942, but the world war ll had created a shortage of building materials, so this project was never completed.

But when the municipality was ready to realize the construction project 25 years later - Ejnar Borg was assigned the task again and prepared a whole new project.

That Ejnar Borg was a big fan of Le Corbusier and his ideas can be seen clearly. Among other things by the juxtaposition of cubist lengths with steep facades and unilateral roof slopes in a complex structure around multi-level peat formation.

When the new town hall was ready, the municipality of Skagen finally got all its administration in one place. This lasted for 40 years - in 2008 the function as a town hall was abandoned in connection with the municipal reform, but there is still citizen service in the building.

Skagen City Hall was preserved in 1995.


Sct. Laurentii Vej 87

9990 Skagen


Town Hall

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