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Shelterpladsen by Lille Vildmose center

In the middle of Lille Vildmose, you can find 3 lovely shelters, with a covered place for a bonfire, water and a compost toilet.

It is possible to light a fire, eat your lunch or spend the night at the site. Equipment for the bonfire can be rented, and you will have access to the natural playground, the park and the wild boar fold.

The site is a part of the Lille Vildmose center and therefore you have to pay an entrance. The site can be rented by contacting the center.

How to find it: The site is a part of the Lille Vildmose center. Turn west at Møllesøvej in Dokkedal and then turn south at Møllesøvej and right at Birkesøvej, here you will be able to see Lille Vildmose center to your right.

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