Sculpture Garden Thy

THE SCULPTURE GARDEN (SKULPTURHAVEN) IN THY lies in an 11000m2 large garden, bordering onto Thy National Park. It contains always more then 200 sculptures outside and inside, and is one of the largest in Jutland. The sculptural garden has been established by sculptor and visual artist Kirsten Barlit and architect Jørn Bojer Snejstrup. Kirsten creates her sculptures from many different materials like iron, steel and bronze, granite with glass, stoneware clay and raku, wood and different kinds of concrete plus objets trouvés. 

The house itself is also worth visiting:
The architect Jørn Snejstrup has restored the apartment in the old school in Svankjær in a very unusual way, with large windows that lighten up the rooms. There are alternating exhibitions both inside and outside. In August 2009 the sculptural garden held a multicultural sculpture festival inviting artists from all over the world - 30 artists from 20 different countries were exhibiting! This was exceedingly festive and very well attended. 
The year before the sculptural garden had invited artists from the nordic countries and the Faroes, Iceland and Greenland for a Nordic Sculptural Event. Some of the spectacular granite sculptures from Greenland remain at the place and can still be seen and admired. In 2011 there was, again, arranged a Multi Cultural Sculpture Festival, while in 2010 there was held a private view with sculptors from Jutland and dancers from Estonia.